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Get Married in Italy in enchanting locations in cities, coastline, castles, and countryside!
In every venue, we specified a possible place for ceremony, accommodation, the distance for the airport.

Fancy hotels or castles remain fantastic in Italy for celebrating weddings, but the trend is to seek out more unusual locations for a wedding day. This includes a fun trend to get hitched at a beautiful university or even the gardens of an ancient monastery. Also, think about your guests and their needs when looking for venues. Keep in mind the feasibility for guests to get to and from the location so you know whether to hire a bus or if you’d like to stay closer to a town where everyone is staying.

When it comes to location, consider a less-famous spot than popular areas such as the Amalfi Coast or Venice. There are plenty of hidden finds in Italy, for example, Lake Garda is the biggest lake in the country and breathtakingly beautiful.
Tuscany is the most popular region for foreign lovebirds, which we recommend due to the “unbeatable quality-price ratio”.


Amalfi Coast

Let the sun shine on your wedding day and enjoy the beauty of this fantastic land.


A Wedding between the beauty of nature and the stylish lifestyle of Milan.


Take a stroll down the world famous "Road of Love" of the Cinque Terre.


Rome - the Eternal City - the perfect location to celebrate your never-ending love


Live the unique magical atmosphere of this exclusive and mysterious island.


The enchanted island where the mountains meet the sea.


Culture, traditions and nature: the perfect setting for an unforgettable Italian wedding.


The true Italian Wedding in the most romantic and fascinating cities of the Region.




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